Ken Bank Wall of Honor

The Ken Bank Wall of Honor is wall-based sculpture intended to honor long time employees at the Northfield, MN hospital.  Like most of the projects, it had very specific functional requirements, such as the ability to add names to the wall over the course of time. 

I teamed up with Dan Weinand to create this sculpture of patinated steel, stainless steel, wood and fabric.  We designed stainless steel name tags that were laser etched and use strong neodymium magnets to adhere to the sculpture.

A further requirement was a “featured” area.  In keeping with our design, the we encouraged the client to use magnetic “paper” to honor current employees who are doing outstanding work.

The client was greatly please by the look of the piece and the functionality with the names.

Our working title was Synaptical Ganglions, which directly related to the interconnectedness of the organization.