Vena Kathedra

Vena Kathedra is a series of seven custom benches all made with a combination of steel, brass, stone and wood. The client was so happy with the end result that an additional water feature, fire feature and all encompassing stainless steel fence was added to the project.

After a number of meetings to learn more about the company, we created a common vocabulary for the components of each bench.  Vena are the heavy white oak timbers. Touchstones are the stones of various types and the Splints are the vertical steel elements.  They loved how the terminology tied directly into what their company does.

We assembled the benches on site with occasional help from the very interested employees.  It was a blast to watch them watching us put it all together.

This project was a collaboration between many sculptors. Thanks to Molly, Heidi, Dan, Jean-Phillipe, Paul and Jim for such a great project.