Steel. Copper. Aluminum. Metals that I love to cajole and inspire them until they become art. It’s not easy — they slumber as regular industrial materials but usually with a little coaxing and words of encouragement… Yet sometimes its just heat, beat, twist, bend and hammer them into a sculpture. Mostly abstract and contemporary art.

I focus on site-specific environmental art and design that truly makes a statement

It’s serious. It’s fun. It’s fire-shaped metal sculpture. Art by Craig Snyder.

For more photos, please go to the Gallery page and for a complete list of sculptures is on the Events and Shows page while permanent pieces are on the Public Art page.

“He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch.”
Jean-Luc Godard

“What you see is what you see”

— Frank Stella

I try to remember that the job — as well as the plight, and the unexpected joy — of the artist is to embrace uncertainty, to be sharpened and honed by it. To be birthed by it. Each time we come to the end of a piece of work, we have failed as we have leapt — spectacularly, brazenly — into the unknown. – Dani Shapiro