It’s a simple shape but it really struck me as just right.  I bent the steel, looked at it, and said aloud, “That’s it”.  Amazing how that happens. 

I had to rework this one.  Originally it had a really great patina but then rusted out.  It was very mediocre.  I ground it down and blued it. Followed by some paint and a sealant.  I really like how this one ended up.

Reclining Nude

snyder-reclining-nude-1Reclining Nude

Not entirely sure why but I was really inspired by Matisse’s Reclining Nude painting. I got a mailer and for the show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts now and just hit me.  I couldn’t do anything else until I got to the studio and did it.  It was strange — a compulsion.

I like how it came out.  Who doesn’t like nudes?

It now has a great patina and is sealed.

Fractal Performer


Fractal Performer

I never know where I’ll find inspiration.  This one came out of left field. I won’t tell you as this one really can be different things to different people.