Agitated Avians

Agitated Avians - Steel - Night

Agitated Avians

The genesis of the piece was interesting.  It originally was accepted as something completely different.  Did quite a bit of experimentation too — it uses a solar panel to charge a battery to run electroluminescent wire.

Birds of a feather are mad together. I often find my inspiration in the digital world. This one is courtesy of the most popular mobile game, Angry Birds. 

Painted and patinated steel with Electroluminescent wire powered by solar panel. 8’ x 5’x 4’

Price: $5,000


Agitated Avians - Steel - Day



3d6+4 - Painted Steel - Mason City, IA3d6+4 was a really fun one to make. It represents a lot of great times with friends in family.  It is currently in Mason City, IA in the River City on Parade program.

Dice are fun.  For many, dice mean gambling.  It’s much more personal for me. I’ve spent hours playing dice games with my family (Yahtzee!).  And many, many more hours during role-playing games with my friends.  Games where the roll of the dice meant life or death for our alter egos.

Painted steel, 8’ x 5’ x 4’

Price: $5,000

Intermediate Blacksmith Class Day 1

I had the first day of my Intermediate Blacksmithing class from the Guild of Metalsmiths  last Saturday and had a ball.  This is one of those things that makes the day just fly by.  I was a little nervous as I hadn’t done a lot of actual smithing since I made my hammer, but it came right back.

The ultimate goal is to make as grille.  You can see what it entails here at the ABANA website. It’s a way to make sure a smith has the techniques down. Ours is similar to this but has a twist in the middle vertical bar and some other variations.  Stay tuned for the final version.

I managed to get the forge going (twice — the first time with some help of some coals from a neighbor, the second time was all me) and do what I needed to do to keep up in class. 

Here’s a video of the forge with a piece of iron glowing red hot as I get ready to work it.

Here’s a couple of the pieces after I upset the ends and punched holes in either end for the tenons.


And here’s a photo of the outside frame for the grille.  I used a monkey tool to start the tenon.  I accidentally referred to it as a monkey “wrench” and caught grief for it.  Sometimes the brain and mouth don’t communicate very well.


That was most of a day’s work.  I know, slow. 

Come Warm Yourself

Come Warm Yourself

While working on this piece it reminded me of my visit years ago to Monterey and Carmel, California.  My wife and I had a drink at the Hogheads Bar — it was owned by Clint Eastwood at the time. 

We sat by the outdoor fire on a foggy night and enjoyed ourselves and the surroundings immensely.

Size: 32″ x 19″ x 17″

Price: $750

South Dakata — Who ARE you?

Who are you South Dakota?

I’ve known you all my life as a place to drive through as quickly as possible on the way to the Black Hills. Maybe a stop at the Badlands and perhaps Wall Drug. If you are a motorcyle person, go to Sturgis.

So, to say I am surprised by you is a shock.

First, there’s Sioux Falls. I’ve gone on at length about that city and it’s delights. Even dragged my reluctant family there (who are now enamored and delighted to better know it).  I was there twice in May.

Now I learn about the Porter Sculpture Park. I read about it in USA Today

Here’s a video:



This is South Dakota?

I think I’m falling for you.

La Cote Nord

La Cote Nord

The Society of Minnesota Sculptors is having a summer show up in Grand Marais starting in late July.

This piece is an abstract intreptation of the North Shore itself. Made with steel and copper with some fun patinas.

Size: 19″ x 19″ x 8″

Price: $850














Totem of Castaways

Totem of Castaways

I like tall. I like larger pieces. 

We have a CNC plasma cutter in the studio which results in pieces of steel that are castaway.  My friend Judd gives me grief about cranking out a piece using these cast-offs but better than letting them go to waste.  Besides, I don’t just put a frame around them and call it art.  I transform them.

I definitely put some effort and thought into it.  The concept of a totem has been around for millenia.  No reason I can’t use it too.

Size: 10″ x 81″ x 10″

Price: $1250

Baby Bronze Dragon

Baby Bronze Dragon

Here’s some art for your garden.  This one has some interesting patinas going on. The steel looks like bronze in spots.  Very cool.

Too bad it doesn’t really breathe flames to take out those nasty mosquitoes.

Size: 36″ x 44″ x 12″

Price: $285

Memorial Day in Sioux Falls

You didn’t get enough of Sioux Falls?

The family wanted to see my art in place and to see everything else too.  They were so impressed by my description of the city they wanted to see it for themselves.

They were duly impressed.

We ended up at the Holiday Inn City Centre again — it was hopping for the weekend. It was fun to walk the street and see everyone interacting with the sculptures.  People had the brochures and were using them to find sculptures.  And vote.  Many of the voting boxes were full (full of mine that is — he who travels to Sioux Falls gets to stuff the ballot box — just kidding!).

Unfortunately two pieces had already been damaged.  Some people are just idiots!

The kids loved Falls park.  We had to drag them away from the rocks. It really is a beautiful spot.

And, my other piece, Samurai Dancer is installed at the Orpheum Theater.  It’s in their inner courtyard. They were kind enough to send a photo. Thanks again for sponsoring the piece.

Yes, it was a really good trip back to Sioux Falls. If you are looking for a great place to visit, go there. 

And make sure you stop at the Queen City Bakery too. Delicious chocolate croissants and more.

Scroll down for a photo of Maelstrom in the sun.  Sweet.

Here’s a Flickr Feed of the photos from Sioux Falls.

[slickr-flickr tag=”Sioux Falls 2012″ items=”50″ type=”gallery” orientation=”portrait” size=”small” start=”random”]

Meteorite Ring – Folded Metal

I found a story about a man. This man forged a wedding band from a meteorite.  How freaking cool is that? Make sure to NOT tell my wife, she’ll want me to make her one.

Here are the step-by-step photos. A couple of photos:

Hot Meteorite ring Finished Meteorite Ring

I’m interested in folded steel (Damascus-style steel) as well as mokume-gane (fusion-layered and folded metal). It’s something I’m going to explore in the coming year, so this set of images is very exciting and instructional.

Which reminds me of a video from National Geographic showing the making of a folded Seax (Anglo-Saxon knife blade). Here it is for your enjoyment: