It’s a simple shape but it really struck me as just right.  I bent the steel, looked at it, and said aloud, “That’s it”.  Amazing how that happens. 

I had to rework this one.  Originally it had a really great patina but then rusted out.  It was very mediocre.  I ground it down and blued it. Followed by some paint and a sealant.  I really like how this one ended up.

Reclining Nude

snyder-reclining-nude-1Reclining Nude

Not entirely sure why but I was really inspired by Matisse’s Reclining Nude painting. I got a mailer and for the show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts now and just hit me.  I couldn’t do anything else until I got to the studio and did it.  It was strange — a compulsion.

I like how it came out.  Who doesn’t like nudes?

It now has a great patina and is sealed.

Fractal Performer


Fractal Performer

I never know where I’ll find inspiration.  This one came out of left field. I won’t tell you as this one really can be different things to different people.



Cube Farmer


Cube Farmer

A continuation of my fascination with geometric shapes.  I’m a really good metal box maker now.

He looks really good in the snow too.

Size: 8′ x 5′ x 3′

Price: Not For Sale


Atacama and Mojave

Mojave and Atacama - Patinated SteelAtacama and Mojave

Riding the rails – a metaphor for freedom from responsibility.  Whenever I go anywhere I’m always looking into dumpsters and such for scraps of metal.  Much of this sculpture comes from a dive into a dumpster near a local railroad construction project.  I must have dug for a couple of hours picking the pieces that spoke to me.  And then I held on to them for years.  Like a fine wine, the components finally came together.

Patinated steel, 98″ x 12″ x 12″ on a 24″ x 24″ base. 

Price: $2750

Family Time on the Sofa

craig_snyder_family_time_on_the_sofaFamily Time on the Sofa

This piece is currently in Decatur, IN at the Decatur Sculpture Tour, where is won the Inspiration Award.

We love to watch movies.  There’s nothing better than a cold and snowy evening huddled in front of the TV with your family, some popcorn and a great movie.  Call it family bonding time.  Come and join us.

Patinated and painted steel, 8’ x 3’x 4’

Agitated Avians

Agitated Avians - Steel - Night

Agitated Avians

The genesis of the piece was interesting.  It originally was accepted as something completely different.  Did quite a bit of experimentation too — it uses a solar panel to charge a battery to run electroluminescent wire.

Birds of a feather are mad together. I often find my inspiration in the digital world. This one is courtesy of the most popular mobile game, Angry Birds. 

Painted and patinated steel with Electroluminescent wire powered by solar panel. 8’ x 5’x 4’

Price: $5,000


Agitated Avians - Steel - Day



3d6+4 - Painted Steel - Mason City, IA3d6+4 was a really fun one to make. It represents a lot of great times with friends in family.  It is currently in Mason City, IA in the River City on Parade program.

Dice are fun.  For many, dice mean gambling.  It’s much more personal for me. I’ve spent hours playing dice games with my family (Yahtzee!).  And many, many more hours during role-playing games with my friends.  Games where the roll of the dice meant life or death for our alter egos.

Painted steel, 8’ x 5’ x 4’

Price: $5,000