Come Warm Yourself

Come Warm Yourself

While working on this piece it reminded me of my visit years ago to Monterey and Carmel, California.  My wife and I had a drink at the Hogheads Bar — it was owned by Clint Eastwood at the time. 

We sat by the outdoor fire on a foggy night and enjoyed ourselves and the surroundings immensely.

Size: 32″ x 19″ x 17″

Price: $750

La Cote Nord

La Cote Nord

The Society of Minnesota Sculptors is having a summer show up in Grand Marais starting in late July.

This piece is an abstract intreptation of the North Shore itself. Made with steel and copper with some fun patinas.

Size: 19″ x 19″ x 8″

Price: $850














Totem of Castaways

Totem of Castaways

I like tall. I like larger pieces. 

We have a CNC plasma cutter in the studio which results in pieces of steel that are castaway.  My friend Judd gives me grief about cranking out a piece using these cast-offs but better than letting them go to waste.  Besides, I don’t just put a frame around them and call it art.  I transform them.

I definitely put some effort and thought into it.  The concept of a totem has been around for millenia.  No reason I can’t use it too.

Size: 10″ x 81″ x 10″

Price: $1250

Baby Bronze Dragon

Baby Bronze Dragon

Here’s some art for your garden.  This one has some interesting patinas going on. The steel looks like bronze in spots.  Very cool.

Too bad it doesn’t really breathe flames to take out those nasty mosquitoes.

Size: 36″ x 44″ x 12″

Price: $285

Meteorite Ring – Folded Metal

I found a story about a man. This man forged a wedding band from a meteorite.  How freaking cool is that? Make sure to NOT tell my wife, she’ll want me to make her one.

Here are the step-by-step photos. A couple of photos:

Hot Meteorite ring Finished Meteorite Ring

I’m interested in folded steel (Damascus-style steel) as well as mokume-gane (fusion-layered and folded metal). It’s something I’m going to explore in the coming year, so this set of images is very exciting and instructional.

Which reminds me of a video from National Geographic showing the making of a folded Seax (Anglo-Saxon knife blade). Here it is for your enjoyment:

Samurai Dancer

Samurai Dancer

Samurai Dancer - steelSamurai Dancer was inspired by my admiration for the Japanese Samurai.  At the least the legend and the myth of the samurai is thoughtful, educated, polite and honorably.  Not to mention the deadly in battle thing. 

The mystique of dancers is similar.  They can do quite amazing feats on their feet.  A great dancer is a delight and joy to watch.  Fortunately they try to kill their admirers but rather impress them with the grace and strength.

My description for the SculptureWalk:

Peace, love and understanding?  Honor, armor, and sharp steel?  Is it a graceful dancer on the stage giving the performance of a lifetime or an ancient samurai warrior of Japan marching into battle to defend his lands from invading hordes?  One of the many wonders of abstract sculpture is tie into the viewer’s perspective.  I can see one aspect and others will see something completely different.

Size: 72″ x 36″ x 24″

Price: $4500

(can’t have it until Sioux Falls is done with it)

Towering Interest

towering interest -- steelTowering Interest

My good friend and strudio mate, Judd Nelson, has a CNC plasma cutter. He’s busy making animals and other recognizable sculptures (does a great job – check it out) that leave lots of scraps with lots of great cut outs and shapes. 

Enter me who likes the steel leftovers.  Apply heat. Bend. Weld. Make art.

Size: 70″ x 12″ x 12″

Price: $2800



I originally built this as a model several years ago.  Just finished this one for the 2012 SculptureWalk in Sioux Falls, SD.  It will be there beginning May 5, 2012.

This one was so much fun to make.  I got re-acquainted with my oxy-acetylene welding roots.  There’s something really inspiring to making a sculpture that has some size and heft.  I had a blast with Maelstrom and can’t wait to get to Sioux Falls.

My description for the application:

The winds whip along the plains kicking up a dust and debris.  On occasion it will coalesce into a dust devil.  It’s the same physics as a tornado but harmless and interesting.  Maelstrom mirrors that spinning and twisting motion in brushed steel.

Size: 72″ x 48″ x 44″

Price: $5000


Leap from the Magnolia

leap from the magnolia -- steelLeap from the Magnolia

When I created this I thought of an orchid.  I saw several at a butterfly garden in Key West and thought about replicating them with my own take.

My father-in-law saw it and said, “nice bird taking off”.  See, art is in the eye of the beholder.

An Art on a Stick piece.

Size: 24″ x 16″ x 7″

Price: $250