Samurai Dancer

Samurai Dancer

Samurai Dancer - steelSamurai Dancer was inspired by my admiration for the Japanese Samurai.  At the least the legend and the myth of the samurai is thoughtful, educated, polite and honorably.  Not to mention the deadly in battle thing. 

The mystique of dancers is similar.  They can do quite amazing feats on their feet.  A great dancer is a delight and joy to watch.  Fortunately they try to kill their admirers but rather impress them with the grace and strength.

My description for the SculptureWalk:

Peace, love and understanding?  Honor, armor, and sharp steel?  Is it a graceful dancer on the stage giving the performance of a lifetime or an ancient samurai warrior of Japan marching into battle to defend his lands from invading hordes?  One of the many wonders of abstract sculpture is tie into the viewer’s perspective.  I can see one aspect and others will see something completely different.

Size: 72″ x 36″ x 24″

Price: $4500

(can’t have it until Sioux Falls is done with it)

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